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How to Send Email Messages to a Purchased List 


Do you need an effective,  professional system to deliver U.S. CAN-SPAM ACT compliant commercial email messages to a PURCHASED LIST?  If so, consider using as your delivery service.
Sending email messages to a purchased list via Clickback for the sole purpose of generating B2B leads from your non permission-based or purchased lists is no longer a problem. Now you can send U.S. CAN-SPAM compliant email campaigns through Email Lead Generation software – worry free! Please contact for full details


Alternative  Ways to Send Commercial Email Messages


Many other email delivery services will stipulate or have legal disclaimers in their Terms of Services that you can only use permission based lists.  Some services, but not all, insist that you can only email out to a “transactional” list (see below) which is actually a far more accurate description of a permission based list than an ‘opt in’ list.  Among those insisting on “transactional’ lists are Constant Contact and Mailchimp.
When using any email sending services it is very important they provide you with a detailed report covering Open Rates, Click through’s,  Unsubscribes, Hard Bounces[1] and Soft Bounces[2[. Avoid any services that does not provide such reports as it might be the case that their IP addresses are being blocked and in such cases no email messages will have been delivered in the first place!.
[1]Hard Bounces (examples: “User unknown”, “Account does not exist,” “domain does not exist,” “mailbox does not exist”) These type of addresses are definitely not going to get delivered and should be deleted from your database.
[2]Soft Bounces (examples: “user over quota,” “mailbox full”, “blocked due to content”) These types addresses will usually be deliverable at a later date or deliverable if you adjust your content.


Selecting a Email Delivery Service.


1) Email Delivery Services. Some of the lowest cost services with the lowest number of restrictions are often based outside of the USA. While you should not discount such services simply for being offshore you should carry out Due Diligence before using ANY service you are considering.  Search on Google, BBB, The Rip Off Report etc to see if there have been complaints, check their Whois record to see how long they have been in business, ask them for any testimonials, and most importantly when testing their services include a number of email addresses under your own control that you know are definitely working, then check to see if your email messages got delivered. Also include a number of addresses that you know are definitely NOT working then check to see if they show up in the Bounce report .
2) STMP Server
If you intend to send messages in reasonably large quantities on a regular basis then you might want to consider getting your own STMP server for his purpose.
3) Sending email to a purchased list via your own ISP, Web Hosting Account or via Free or Web based services such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo.
All such options are not recommended as most have severe limitations on the number of messages you can send each day.  You also run the risk of getting banned by your ISP or Web Hosting Service. Use a professional delivery service instead.


 Types of Email Lists


Transactional Lists.  A Transactional List is a true permission based list where your business has an established and ongoing relationship with the recipient. However, if you have gathered such addresses offline, for example from making business contacts at trade shows, these still might not be considered to be “transactional”  by some e-mail delivery services.
Opt in Lists. If you find a supplier of so called “opt in” lists always ensure that proof of an ‘opt in’ actually exists and is available to  you. Also consider what ‘opt in’ REALLY means.   “Opt in” lists are usually supplied on the basis that those listed have ‘opted in’ to received commercial messages via email. This basically means, any message, from any sender!  But….while some of those listed might have agreed to receive email messages concerning a very specific subject, from a very specific supplier, most never agreed to receive e-mail messages from any other third party! So if you are concerned about complaints from recipients you may find there is little difference between a compiled, web researched or so called ‘opt in’ list.
Compiled Lists. Compiled lists are usually gathered from publications, directories and other information sources in the public domain. These are the most common types of purchase lists and are often not acepted by e-mail delivery or sending services.
Web Researched Lists. Web researched business lists are usually compiled by visiting the business websites of those listed. These types of lists are generally more up to date than compiled lists as described above.


Legalities of Sending Email to a Purchased List


You need to check the current Spam and Data Protection Laws in your own country but in the USA these are usually the most important regulations covering B2B e-mail:
a. Do not use fraudulent transmission data such as open relays and false headers.
b. Do not use misleading sender or subject lines.
c. Add your postal address to all emails.
d. If you are not in contact with the recipient already include a short notice that states the email is an advertisement or solicitation.
e. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Include a unsubscribe or opted out mechanism in every email and remove such email from your list within 10 days.
In the USA, providing you follow the above guidelines and send B2B commercial messages relevant to the recipients business activities it is unlikely (although certainly not impossible) that you will encounter any legal ramifications. However, if you have any concerns then consider sending your mail via a reliable email delivery service such as Clickback as above.
Email Delivery Services

Email Delivery Services

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional in email marketing system, finding the best email delivery services is the right option for your business. There are lots of benefits to get from once you apply this system into your business.

Basically, emailing services provide both basic and advanced features to be able to create emails and newsletters for all subscribers. One of the best staple solutions being offered is their stunning templates which are highly customizable.

Emailing system gives you a successful way of delivering emails to subscribers’ inboxes. By using a house-designed newsletter and by creating some simple codes, each email will successfully reach your clients.  It’s been proven that this system guarantees a high success rate in marketing.

Another option available is the time-wrap feature where users can schedule blast of emails at a reasonable time—normally in the morning. If your contacts contain some location details, delivering emails is automatically adjusted to the recipient’s existing time zone.

With this kind of email sending service, it’s also easier to import email contact lists to your account.  Whether it’s for bulk or individually, it’s fast to add new contacts on your list. Furthermore, you can integrate the contact management system to the email services you’re using. You can find access to the activities of customers along with the contact details of your customers.

Last but not the least, signup forms are essential in growing your customer base.  Many email delivery services can generate custom forms which connect to Facebook’s business pages.  In terms of marketing, the system can create targeted marketing promotions for your prospects and customers. Contact list is simple to segment based on the kind of data you have for your fans and readers.

If you’re planning to put your emailing system in the right place that works powerfully, always keep in mind the above mentioned tips.


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Email Delivery Services are Best for E-commerce Business

A customer can go online and visit e-commerce websites and search for the items they want to purchase.  Prices are relatively low and affordable to the consumers. But if customers need to wait long before delivery arrives, they tend to leave the shopping basket and your site.  Shortly, they can find better competitors who are able to send items as fast as they could.

With that, you should do something to keep your customers keep coming back to you. With diverse services everywhere, you can email delivery services that can help improve your e-commerce. To move ahead over your competitors, you should maintain the promptness and quality of your services.  It’s the value of delivery that makes the big difference between a shady business and a trustworthy business.

Email delivery services contain company names and contacts that will meet the needs of your services. If you say, items will be delivered in that particular date and you’re able to do it, you have won your customer’s favor. They will be happier and more impressed, with more chances of repeat ordering.

Delivery services ensure that your e-commerce will grow and that people will trust and depend on you.  E-commerce business has never been this busy and one thing to keep it is to use Email delivery services.